Soulight - the next generation coming this year

Musemantik work in progress: a new version of the Soulight app, which will be available on Android and iOS later this year. Feedback from the current beta version, and especially from recent user workshops, resulted in a user interface which is simpler and cleaner, along with richer audio functions. Here's a preview of the new look.

You may now take musical journeys of longer duration, from 1 to 60 minutes. Many of you requested the ability to immerse yourselves deeply into a journey, making it more gradual and more powerful.

Some of you use Soulight for exploring your mood; some of you like to use it to change your mood; and there are other uses, not all of which we have yet found. The new Soulight offers you choices, allowing (but not requiring) you to set goals related to being mindful, being calm or energized, or being happier, and will show you how well you are doing with regards to the goals you have set. So the app will not only help you in particular situations, but also give you a sense of continuity and progress over months and longer time periods.